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image restorations

A nasty crease. And—arrgghhh!—right across her hand!

Stop looking at her hand! It was weird-looking to begin with. OK?

Glass plate spots, scratches, dust

Damaged painting. Probably not an original scan, either.

Creases, scratches, and a fair bit of dust. I was thankful not to have to re-build his hand.

Portrait of Szikra. Dust and assorted crud.

Portrait of Terka Lux. Dust and scratches.

A scan of a photograph of a television screen!

A closer view. The lattice work presented some difficulties.

Creases, bits missing, and what looks like a development artefact.

Sometimes, there's only so much that can be done. It's still messy, but far better than the original.

Missing bits, scratches, and a couple of tears.

Blooms are always tricky to deal with.

Views of the worst parts.

A closer view of the left eye.

Not great, but at least it's somewhat balanced.